Scientific Committee

The following persons have kindly agreed to be part of the Scientific Committee for the symposium. They advise the organizers about scientific content, and will engage in selection of speakers, based on the submitted abstracts.

  • Dr Florence Fouque

Focal Point for Vectors Research for Implementation Unit at WHO/TDR

  • Dr Francois Nosten

Professor in Tropical Medicine at Oxford University, Nuffield Department of Medicine and Director of the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit in Thailand

  • Dr. Mathieu Nacher

Researcher, Interregional Director of the Centre d’Investigation Clinique Antilles-Guyane (Inserm CIC 1424), Cayenne, French Guiana

  • Dr Martha Suárez-Mutis

Researcher, Parasitology Laboratory, Instituto Oswaldo Cruz/FIOCRUZ, Brazil

  • Dr. Stephen Vreden

Malaria Specialist/Infectiologist, Chair of the Foundation for Scientific Research in Suriname

  • Dr. Michael McDonald

International consultant / Malaria advisor (for WHO/GMP, IVVC and others)

  • Dr. Maylis Douine

Medical doctor/researcher at Centre Hospitalier Cayenne, French Guiana

  • Dr. Hélène Hiwat

Coordinator Malaria Program, Ministry of Health Suriname

  • Drs Hedley Cairo

Coordinator Diagnosis and Treatment, Malaria Program, MoH Suriname